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Professional jazz singer, teacher and curator of music events. Based in St Albans but working mostly in London and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for singing, piano or music lessons then contact Nicola Anne.

New Beginnings


I've recently found myself moving on to a new chapter in my life. This year I said goodbye to a passion project of mine, started my own business and got married! These were (and are) pretty big life changing events and are still taking some getting used to. I've found in a world where social media is now the biggest form of communication, things can get misconstrued and information can be misleading. I'm a very open person with lots of opinions and plenty going on, (hopefully interesting to you lovely people). I work mostly by myself these days too, so maybe by starting a blog I'll feel like I'm communicating to the outside world, rather than my one surviving fish in my hobbit house in St Albans. 

Leaving My Favourite Things was a massive decision for me. Before starting the group I was singing and dancing at a Music Hall in South London. It was a big risk leaving the theatre to begin this journey but I've met some amazing people and performed at wonderful events over the last 5 years. I've also learnt how to run a business, choreograph my own routines, including tap (my favourite genre), sing classic 1940's music, teach harmonies, learn how to do a victory roll and dress up in fabulous vintage attire. All of this whilst working alongside my sister (something most people will never get to do). And although at times we nearly killed each other (sorry about that girls), we will definitely have lots of interesting stories and pictures to share in years to come.

My Favourite Things

Moving on, I now have new opportunities singing solo. Something that was petrifying initially, after having the support of two others alongside me for the past 5 years. But I'm starting to get used to this and just love working with so many live musicians. I'm on my way to a rehearsal this afternoon for a new trio that's forming and I'm really excited to see where this leads. I've got a few gigs lined up in November and December, including working with the Herts Big Band and also singing at the St Albans Christmas Lights switch on, so keep an eye on my website for more info.

Previous to this, I've been kept busy with the launch of my new Theatre School - Pixie Studios. I have classes running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at three different locations in St Albans. I also teach an after school Glee Club and I'm hoping to get into more schools this year too. This summer, I ran my very first Summer School. We had a Musical Theatre week and a Dance week, which both culminated in a show on stage for friends and family to watch.

After teaching for other people for the last 10 years, it felt like the right time to branch out by myself. It seems this has been a pattern for me this year!! I'm very lucky that this new husband of mine is so supportive ;-) You can find more information about my adult and children classes at

This blog will mostly be about Music, Dancing & Singing. The things that make my world go round. Also, my highs and lows of running a business, alongside my new journey performing as a soloist. And I can't pretend there won't be a few mentions of St Albans too (my happy place)..

Thanks for reading!!

Miss Nicola Anne xx